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12:00 AM 
Air Rage TV-PG (Action)An airline flight attendant helps an Army captain fight terrorists who have taken over control of a plane and demanded a $100 million ransom.
2:00 AM 
The Brave One TV-14 (Thriller & Suspense)A woman decides to bring vigilante justice to the criminals responsible for brutally attacking her fiancé, leaving him dead in the streets of New York City.
4:00 AM 
No Good Deed TV-14 (Drama)A police officer who interrupts a bank robbery is taken hostage and guarded by the gang leader's manipulative girlfriend, who appears to be falling for him.
6:00 AM 
Catch 21 TV-PG (Game Show)Contestants answer multiple-choice trivia questions in the hopes of either getting a score of 21 or causing their competitors to go bust.
6:30 AM 
Believers Voice of Victory with Kenneth & Gloria Copeland TV-G (Religion)Kenneth and Gloria Copeland teach about love, faith, healing, redemption, righteousness, and the principles of successful Christian living through God's Word.
7:00 AM 
Manna-fest with Perry Stone TV-G (Religion)Perry Stone provides a program dealing with the predictive and sensible studies of God's Word, helping to get a better understanding of biblical prophecy.
7:30 AM 
Life Today with James & Betty Robison TV-G (Religion)True stories of sex trafficking and how LIFE gives hope to people in the darkest of places.
8:00 AM 
Judge Faith TV-PG (Reality)Judge Faith was Miss Louisiana, then she was a New York City Criminal Prosecutor, a legal analyst on TV, and now she delivers justice in her own courtroom.
8:30 AM 
Judge Faith TV-PG (Reality)Judge Faith was Miss Louisiana, then she was a New York City Criminal Prosecutor, a legal analyst on TV, and now she delivers justice in her own courtroom.
9:00 AM 
Roc TV-PG (Comedy)Roc agrees to take care of Calvin's 11-year-old daughter while Calvin is in prison, but the girl is tough to handle because she is very bitter at her father.
9:30 AM 
Roc TV-PG (Comedy)Roc's bosses assign him to mentor the newest Sanitation Department recruit; Joey gets 11-year-old Sheila involved in his gambling habits.
10:00 AM 
The Parent 'Hood TV-PG (Comedy)Robert spends time with a former gang member in hopes of helping him turn his life around, but gets upset when Zaria takes an interest in him.
10:30 AM 
The Parent 'Hood TV-PG (Comedy)Robert hears Michael and his girlfriend contemplate having sex and inadvertently spends a mixed signal to his son in a cautionary sex talk.
11:00 AM 
American Son TV-14 (Drama)After returning for Thanksgiving, a Marine deals with becoming an adult, as his newfound problems are centered around a hostile home environment.
1:00 PM 
Poetic Justice TV-14 (Drama)A spoken word artist in mourning over her recently deceased boyfriend is drawn into a romance with a mailman whose tough exterior hides a romantic soul.
3:00 PM 
Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling TV-14 (Drama)A man rises from his bordello birth to the life of a comic superstar and faces all the pitfalls of life in the spotlight along the way.
5:00 PM 
Roc TV-PG (Comedy)Roc is forced to pretend he's a doctor at the wedding of Eleanor's cousin, because Eleanor's disapproving mother has lied to the family about his profession.
5:30 PM 
Roc TV-PG (Comedy)Roc volunteers Joey to teach children how to play the trumpet, but Joey does everything he can to avoid teaching his students anything useful about music.
6:00 PM 
The Parent 'Hood TV-PG (Comedy)T.K. is bribed to throw the next basketball game by Racketeer Sony, while Nicholas tries to get in on Cece and Jesse's cupcake selling business.
6:30 PM 
The Parent 'Hood TV-PG (Comedy)T.K.'s friend, Boo prepares for the GED with tutoring help from Robert, while Cece is placed into a gifted class being taught by Wendell as a substitute.
7:00 PM 
Mann & Wife TV-PG (Comedy)After Daniel and Michael's pursuit of a suspect goes sour, they attend therapy; all of the children band together to fight for equal rights of their chores.
7:30 PM 
Family Time TV-14 (Comedy)When Lisa gets into a minor car accident, Tony must use his family's vacation fund to pay for the damages.
8:00 PM 
The Hughleys TV-PG (Comedy)While Yvonne is away on a business trip, Darryl is left to take care of the kids by himself and encounters a problem when Sydney gets her first period.
8:30 PM 
The Hughleys TV-PG (Comedy)Darryl doesn't take Yvonne seriously at first when she encourages him to reignite the romance in their relationship, which gets him into trouble.
9:00 PM 
Booty Call TV-14 (Comedy)The romantic plans of two best friends come to a halt when their respective girlfriends insist they practice safe sex and they have to find a drugstore.
11:00 PM 
Juwanna Mann TV-PG (Comedy)A basketball player who has been banned from playing basketball in the NBA poses as a woman in order to continue playing professionally.