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12:00 AM 
Strictly Business TV-14 (Comedy)When a well-heeled Wall Street type falls for a woman who finds him dull, he seeks advice on how to woo her from a street-savvy mailroom clerk.
2:00 AM 
The Detonator TV-14 (Action)An undercover CIA agent and a beautiful Russian are forced to stop a notorious and deadly arms dealer from getting his hands on a nuclear weapon.
4:00 AM 
Brothers TV-14 (Action)An innocent man is sent to prison after following his lawyer's advice to plead guilty in the hopes of getting a light sentence.
6:00 AM 
Catch 21 TV-PG (Game Show)Contestants answer multiple-choice trivia questions in the hopes of either getting a score of 21 or causing their competitors to go bust.
6:30 AM 
Believers Voice of Victory with Kenneth & Gloria Copeland TV-G (Religion)Kenneth and Gloria Copeland teach about love, faith, healing, redemption, righteousness, and the principles of successful Christian living through God's Word.
7:00 AM 
Manna-fest with Perry Stone TV-G (Religion)Perry Stone provides a program dealing with the predictive and sensible studies of God's Word, helping to get a better understanding of biblical prophecy.
7:30 AM 
Life Today with James & Betty Robison TV-G (Religion)A televangelist and founder of a relief organization and his wife welcome guests to discuss a broad range of topics to offer hope and help.
8:00 AM 
Judge Faith TV-PG (Reality)Judge Faith was Miss Louisiana, then she was a New York City Criminal Prosecutor, a legal analyst on TV, and now she delivers justice in her own courtroom.
8:30 AM 
Judge Faith TV-PG (Reality)Judge Faith was Miss Louisiana, then she was a New York City Criminal Prosecutor, a legal analyst on TV, and now she delivers justice in her own courtroom.
9:00 AM 
Roc TV-PG (Comedy)The Emersons rush a pregnant homeless woman to the hospital after she suddenly begins experiencing labor pains during a meal in their home.
9:30 AM 
Roc TV-PG (Comedy)When Roc is assigned to train a new female sanitation worker, the trainee makes it known that she would like to start a relationship with him.
10:00 AM 
The Parent 'Hood TV-PG (Comedy)Robert and Jerri are suspicious when Wendell's former lover shows up claiming he's the father of her 10-year-old son.
10:30 AM 
The Parent 'Hood TV-PG (Comedy)Zaria recruits TK to help spy on her father, whom she has suspicions of him having an affair.
11:00 AM 
I Escaped from Devil's Island TV-14 (Action)After suffering through the famed French prison in Guiana, two convicts try to escape, risking life and limb through piranha infest waters.
1:00 PM 
Lockdown TV-14 (Drama)A competitive swimmer and his friends are wrongly accused of murder and sent to prison, where they utilize different methods to survive the harsh environment.
3:00 PM 
Torque TV-14 (Action)After being framed for murder by a rival gang leader, a biker must elude the police and two motorcycle gangs to make it to Los Angeles and clear his name.
5:00 PM 
Roc TV-PG (Comedy)Sheila makes the family worry by staying out two hours past her curfew, so they try to reinforce their ground rules by punishing her for her misdeeds.
5:30 PM 
Roc TV-PG (Comedy)Roc goes overboard to make sure the baby gets the right prenatal care; Joey tries to regain some gambling losses from an old acquaintance.
6:00 PM 
The Parent 'Hood TV-PG (Comedy)Nicholas finds himself afraid after hearing about a ghost who drives taxis, while Michael works out an idea on how to frighten Zaria.
6:30 PM 
The Parent 'Hood TV-PG (Comedy)The kids throw Robert a surprise party that overwhelms him as he remembers his father who left his entire family on his eighth birthday.
7:00 PM 
A Different World TV-PG (Comedy)Whitley is in a panic about the wedding and Dwayne tells Ron that he isn't ready to get married; Freddie tries to hide her relationship with Shazza from Kim.
7:30 PM 
A Different World TV-PG (Comedy)Dwayne tells Whitley he feels they are rushing into marriage; Mrs. Gilbert and Mrs. Wayne disagree about everything; Whitley calls off the wedding.
8:00 PM 
Mann & Wife TV-PG (Comedy)After everyone finds out a convict Daniel put in jail two decades ago is getting out, they worry for his safety; Toni tries to connect with DJ over video games.
8:30 PM 
Family Time TV-14 (Comedy)Tony feels like his family is no longer as close as they used to be, so he forbids any technology in their home so they can have more time together.
9:00 PM 
House Party 2 TV-14 (Comedy)A hip-hop duo is offered a record deal and one of them loses the other's tuition money and then plans a big fund-raising party in order to pay him back.
11:00 PM 
Idlewild TV-14 (Musical)In Georgia during the 1930s, two musicians are granted sudden ownership of the juke joint where they play, but must deal with a deadly mobster.