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1:30 AM 
Hangin' with the Homeboys TV-14 (Drama)Four young men out on the town on a Friday night are forced to get to know and like each other while dealing with a series of misadventures.
3:30 AM 
Heaven Is a Playground TV-PG (Drama)An inner-city coach and a young lawyer attempt to use the sport of basketball to change the lives of a group of troubled kids by showing them a better life.
5:30 AM 
Off the Chain TV-14 (Comedy)Nikita B.; Brooklyn Mike; Grant Cotter.
6:00 AM 
Catch 21 TV-PG (Game Show)Contestants answer multiple-choice trivia questions in the hopes of either getting a score of 21 or causing their competitors to go bust.
6:30 AM 
Believer's Voice of Victory with Kenneth & Gloria Copeland TV-G (Religion)Host Gloria Copeland is joined by Kellie Copeland to discuss how the scripture is used to reveal God's Son in order to guarantee of eternal life.
7:00 AM 
The Newlywed Game TV-14 (Game Show)Recently married couples are each asked the same questions individually and hope that their answers match when they are reunited onstage.
7:30 AM 
Life Today with James & Betty Robison TV-G (Religion)A televangelist and founder of a relief organization and his wife welcome guests to discuss a broad range of topics that offer hope and help.
8:00 AM 
The Parent 'Hood TV-PG (Comedy)The kids throw Robert a surprise party that overwhelms him as he remembers his father who left his entire family on his eighth birthday.
8:30 AM 
The Parent 'Hood TV-PG (Comedy)Robert speaks as a role model for a class on Wendell's behalf, but he has trouble gaining their respect; Michael and Zaria believe their mother is pregnant.
9:00 AM 
A Different World TV-PG (Comedy)Shazza writes a book and causes the men and women on campus to boycott each other, and Dean Hughes has to try to get the sides back together.
9:30 AM 
A Different World TV-PG (Comedy)Dwayne has to decide between a great job and grad school; Jaleesa tries to convince her sister to return to school and not to leave her husband.
10:00 AM 
Roc TV-PG (Comedy)When Joey becomes the owner of an amateur singing quintet as payment for gambling debt, Roc reluctantly agrees to serve as the band's manager.
10:30 AM 
Roc TV-PG (Comedy)After the disgruntled trumpet player of a well-known band decides to quit, Joey manages to secure an audition for the group's vacant position.
11:00 AM 
Race the Sun TV-PG (Drama)A new science teacher at a Hawaii high school gathers a group of low-rated students to build a solar-powered car that wins the Big Island competition.
1:00 PM 
Moving TV-PG (Comedy)In order to get his dream job, an engineer relocates his family from New Jersey to Idaho and encounters a road trip filled with hilarious horrors.
3:00 PM 
Lethal Weapon 4 TV-14 (Action)L.A. detectives investigate a Chinese immigrant smuggling ring and infiltrate a secret meeting where a corrupt general is offered a bribe to release criminals.
5:00 PM 
Half & Half TV-14 (Comedy)Mona has a hard time moving forward in her relationship when she realizes her boyfriend is living in his luxury car.
5:30 PM 
Half & Half TV-14 (Comedy)Dee Dee invites her law professor to poker night and has a hard time accepting that she may not be best at something when she loses to Mona.
6:00 PM 
The Parent 'Hood TV-PG (Comedy)Zaria's friend, a single mother, loses her scholarship and award; Kelly's latest plan to make money hinges on being a manager to second-rate entertainers.
6:30 PM 
The Parent 'Hood TV-PG (Comedy)Kelly competes on a game show call "Deep Knowledge" and is successful, though Robert learns why; Cece schemes with her friend Jesse.
7:00 PM 
The Hughleys TV-PG (Comedy)Darryl is feeling left out and jealous when Milsap and Dave begin to develop a close friendship and Yvonne is buy planning Sally's upcoming baby shower.
7:30 PM 
The Hughleys TV-PG (Comedy)With the kids suffering from colds, Darryl and Yvonne haven't been able to spend much quality time with just the two of them and no interruptions.
8:00 PM 
The Bernie Mac Show TV-PG (Comedy)While Bernie's patience with Bryan is pushed to the limit, an opossum invades the Mac house and forces Bryan and Jordan to work together.
8:30 PM 
The Bernie Mac Show TV-PG (Comedy)Wanda objects to Bernie's new system of harsh punishment for the kids, until she gains control, eases up, and they take advantage of the situation once again.
9:00 PM 
Dead Presidents TV-14 (Action)A young man returns from Vietnam feeling dejected by a dismal existence amid a crime-infested community, prompting him to take part in an armored truck robbery.
11:00 PM 
The Marksman TV-14 (Action)A U.S. Special Forces operative sneaks into Russia, where he tries to cripple a nuclear power plant before terrorists can use the reactor as a bomb.