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12:00 AM 
In the Cut TV-PG (Comedy)Kenny realizes that his new girlfriend has a major flaw; Jay talks up his previous gang affiliations and almost gets a "Thug Lives Matter" award.
12:30 AM 
Family Time TV-14 (Comedy)Lori asks the other members of the rap group that she used to belong to called Salt-N-Pepa-N-Spice to perform at a charity event that she is organizing.
1:00 AM 
Out of Time TV-14 (Thriller & Suspense)A respected Florida police chief must solve a vicious double homicide he is circumstantially implicated in before he falls under suspicion.
3:00 AM 
Rosewood TV-14 (Drama)A drifter caught amid the racial prejudice of a small southern town finds himself aligned with a shop owner, helping the surviving African-Americans escape.
6:00 AM 
Catch 21 TV-PG (Game Show)Contestants answer multiple-choice trivia questions in the hopes of either getting a score of 21 or causing their competitors to go bust.
6:30 AM 
Catch 21 TV-PG (Game Show)Contestants answer multiple-choice trivia questions in the hopes of either getting a score of 21 or causing their competitors to go bust.
7:00 AM 
Manna-fest with Perry Stone TV-G (Religion)Perry Stone provides a program dealing with the predictive and sensible studies of God's Word, helping to get a better understanding of biblical prophecy.
7:30 AM 
Life Today with James & Betty Robison TV-G (Religion)Guest Beth Moore describes how being free results in a person becoming full, relentless, electric and effective.
8:00 AM 
The Parent 'Hood TV-PG (Comedy)T.K. and Nicholas are both infatuated with older women, while Nicholas has a crush on Zaria's friend Jamie, T.K. dreams about Jerri's new intern.
8:30 AM 
The Parent 'Hood TV-PG (Comedy)T.K. is bribed to throw the next basketball game by Racketeer Sony, while Nicholas tries to get in on Cece and Jesse's cupcake selling business.
9:00 AM 
A Different World TV-PG (Comedy)Whitley has dinner with Julian and learns that he is engaged to a model and they are planning to move to Paris; Whitley begs for Dwayne's forgiveness.
9:30 AM 
A Different World TV-PG (Comedy)After Whitley cannot afford to make her rent payment, she tries to find a job, however after little luck she decides to host a party to raise money.
10:00 AM 
Roc TV-PG (Comedy)When Roc's boss is caught having an adulterous relationship, Roc decides to offer him support by letting him temporarily stay in the Emerson home.
10:30 AM 
Roc TV-PG (Comedy)Roc is forced to search for new employment when the sanitation worker's union goes on strike against the city for longer than expected.
11:00 AM 
The Hughleys TV-PG (Comedy)Darryl is surprised to discover his parents split up months ago without telling anyone, so he tries to get them back together on their 35th wedding anniversary.
11:30 AM 
The Hughleys TV-PG (Comedy)Darryl's unruly teenage niece unexpectedly arrives in Los Angeles to pursue a singing career; Yvonne becomes convinced a neighbor doesn't like her.
12:00 PM 
House Party TV-14 (Comedy)When his parents leave town and place him in charge of the house, a teen and his best friend plan to impress the ladies by throwing a wild house party.
2:30 PM 
The Bone Collector TV-14 (Thriller & Suspense)A gifted, though disabled, detective and a rookie cop try to get inside the mind of a terrifying madman stalking Manhattan before he strikes again.
5:00 PM 
Half & Half TV-14 (Comedy)Mona gets fired after making some careless remarks about work during dinner with a handsome reporter, and it is up to Dee Dee to help her get her job back.
5:30 PM 
Half & Half TV-14 (Comedy)Mona seeks employment after publicly ruining her reputation in the record industry, and the reporter who got her fired tries to help by setting up a meeting.
6:00 PM 
The Parent 'Hood TV-PG (Comedy)Robert and Jerri allow Zaria to wear a revealing dress to a dance, helping her to attract the wrong type of guy; Wendell takes Karen and the Peterson kids out.
6:30 PM 
The Parent 'Hood TV-PG (Comedy)Nicholas enjoys playing on a losing basketball team, but the team starts to win when Robert takes over as coach; Michael and Theresa share a kiss.
7:00 PM 
The Bernie Mac Show TV-PG (Comedy)The Mac household gets a visit from Bernie's little sister and the kids take a liking to her, but Bernie isn't so sure they should be taking their cue from her.
7:30 PM 
The Bernie Mac Show TV-PG (Comedy)Wanda's parents come for a visit and constantly tell Bernie and Wanda what they're doing wrong until they get stuck with the kids for a day.
8:00 PM 
The Bernie Mac Show TV-PG (Comedy)Bernie makes plans for Jordan's tenth birthday party and then he goes overboard when he finds out someone else is having a party as well.
8:30 PM 
The Bernie Mac Show TV-PG (Comedy)Bernie's moves don't help Jordan to make the basketball team, as the coach suggests that he take up gymnastics; Wanda coaches soccer for Bryana's team.
9:00 PM 
Surviving the Game TV-14 (Action)A homeless man takes a job at an isolated hunting resort in the Rocky Mountains and soon realizes the lodge inhabitants plan to hunt him instead of animals.
11:00 PM 
Boiling Point TV-14 (Action)A federal agent travels from Los Angeles to Newark on the trail of an associate's killer before he is taken off the case in a week.