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1:30 AM 
Spawn TV-14 (Fantasy)A government assassin is killed by an evil boss and goes to hell, where he is endowed with great powers but turns on the devil to become a hero.
3:30 AM 
Shaft's Big Score! TV-14 (Action)A private eye finds that his recently murdered friend was secretly running a numbers racket and he sets out to find $200,000 that is missing from his business.
6:00 AM 
Catch 21 TV-PG (Game Show)Contestants answer multiple-choice trivia questions in the hopes of either getting a score of 21 or causing their competitors to go bust.
6:30 AM 
Believer's Voice of Victory with Kenneth & Gloria Copeland TV-G (Religion)Kenneth and Gloria Copeland teach about love, faith, healing, redemption, righteousness, and the principles of successful Christian living through God's Word.
7:00 AM 
Manna-fest with Perry Stone TV-G (Religion)Perry Stone provides a program dealing with the predictive and sensible studies of God's Word, helping to get a better understanding of biblical prophecy.
7:30 AM 
Life Today with James & Betty Robison TV-G (Religion)A Haiti missionary Megan Boudreaux shares on the miraculous encounter that led her to discover the road to God, as well as His plans for her life.
8:00 AM 
The Newlywed Game TV-14 (Game Show)Recently married couples are each asked the same questions individually and hope that their answers match when they are reunited onstage.
8:30 AM 
The Newlywed Game TV-14 (Game Show)Recently married couples are each asked the same questions individually and hope that their answers match when they are reunited onstage.
9:00 AM 
A Different World TV-PG (Comedy)Dwayne's friend comes to Hillman for a visit before his Army Reserve Unit is sent to the Persian Gulf; the girls crash Zelmer's party.
9:30 AM 
A Different World TV-PG (Comedy)Whitley has dinner with Julian and learns that he is engaged to a model and they are planning to move to Paris; Whitley begs for Dwayne's forgiveness.
10:00 AM 
Roc TV-PG (Comedy)Roc and Eleanor use their life savings to buy several rental properties from their landlord in hopes that the new purchases will give them new income.
10:30 AM 
Roc TV-PG (Comedy)As the Emersons prepare for a ceremony to renew their wedding vows, Eleanor argues with Roc over the advice he's given her brother about sex.
11:00 AM 
The Hughleys TV-PG (Comedy)Darryl promises to treat Yvonne to a relaxing Mother's Day, but his plans are interrupted when Yvonne, Darryl and Milsap's mothers unexpectedly visit.
11:30 AM 
The Hughleys TV-PG (Comedy)Darryl and Yvonne are shocked when they accidentally discover illegal drugs in the pocket of one of Sydney's jackets; Shari moves to Dave and Sally's place.
12:00 PM 
Native Son TV-14 (Drama)Tragedy unfolds as a young African-American man attempts to help his employer's reckless daughter and her boyfriend out of a difficult situation.
2:30 PM 
Dance with Me TV-PG (Romance)A young Cuban grieving over his mother's recent death manages to find peace, passion and Latin grooves at his father's dance studio.
5:00 PM 
Roc TV-PG (Comedy)After being hired as a bartender at Charlaine's restaurant, Joey tries to earn more money by running an illegal gambling casino within the establishment.
5:30 PM 
Roc TV-PG (Comedy)Sheila makes the family worry by staying out two hours past her curfew, so they try to reinforce their ground rules by punishing her for her misdeeds.
6:00 PM 
The Parent 'Hood TV-PG (Comedy)Robert speaks as a role model for a class on Wendell's behalf, but he has trouble gaining their respect; Michael and Zaria believe their mother is pregnant.
6:30 PM 
The Parent 'Hood TV-PG (Comedy)Robert spends time with a former gang member in hopes of helping him turn his life around, but gets upset when Zaria takes an interest in him.
7:00 PM 
The Hughleys TV-PG (Comedy)The Hughleys meet with the PTA to discuss metal detector installations; Darryl and Yvonne argue over a gun in the house, when the unexpected happens.
7:30 PM 
The Hughleys TV-Y7 (Comedy)Milsap wonders whether his long-distance relationship will work, so Darryl gives him some love advice that prompts him to make major changes in his life.
8:00 PM 
The Bernie Mac Show TV-PG (Comedy)Isaac Hayes offers professional advice to Bernie on how to properly cultivate Vanessa's newly-discovered musical talent, which he is seeking to inspire.
8:30 PM 
The Bernie Mac Show TV-PG (Comedy)Jordan falls in with the wrong crowd after Bernie decides it's time for the youth to walk home from school alone; Vanessa's swimsuit causes her embarrassment.
9:00 PM 
Perfect Stranger TV-14 (Thriller & Suspense)A muckraking New York newspaper reporter quits her job after one of her stories is rejected and finds herself investigating the murder of a childhood friend.
11:00 PM 
Menace II Society TV-14 (Drama)After his high school graduation, a young man attempts to leave his violent existence in the projects behind him and move on to his future.