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12:00 AM 
Hangin' with the Homeboys TV-14 (Drama)Four young men out on the town on a Friday night are forced to get to know and like each other while dealing with a series of misadventures.
2:00 AM 
The Art of War TV-14 (Action)A covert American agent sets out to clear his name and seek revenge when he becomes the prime suspect in a Chinese ambassador's assassination.
4:30 AM 
Brian's Song TV-PG (Drama)After joining the Chicago Bears, two football players develop a lasting friendship that is tested when one of them contracts a fatal disease.
6:00 AM 
Paid Program TV-G (Home Shopping)Sponsored television programming.
6:30 AM 
Believers Voice of Victory with Kenneth & Gloria Copeland TV-G (Religion)Kenneth and Gloria Copeland teach about love, faith, healing, redemption, righteousness, and the principles of successful Christian living through God's Word.
7:00 AM 
Jack Van Impe Presents TV-G (Religion)Dr. Jack and Rexella Van Impe combine the information from today's top stories with their insight and understanding of Bible prophecies for the latest news.
7:30 AM 
Life Today with James & Betty Robison TV-G (Religion)Linda and Jennifer Barrick share a story of survival, as they reveal how Jennifer, at the age of 15, survived a head-on collision with a drunk driver.
8:00 AM 
Judge Faith TV-PG (Reality)Two old friends, who reconnected over social media, are now disputing over who was driving when they had an accident after meeting for a drink.
8:30 AM 
Paid Program TV-G (Home Shopping)Sponsored television programming.
9:00 AM 
Slaughter's Big Rip Off TV-14 (Action)Slaughter goes to Mexico to tangle with vengeful mobsters intent on killing him.
11:00 AM 
Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh TV-14 (Horror)The one-armed serial killer makes his way to New Orleans, where he plots the murder of a beautiful schoolteacher whose father he killed in years past.
1:00 PM 
Light It Up TV-14 (Drama)A group of frustrated students at an inner city school take hostages and capture media attention with their demands for a better education.
3:00 PM 
Krush Groove TV-PG (Musical)A determined talent manager for an up-and-coming record label is desperate to raise money in order to press records for his hottest rappers.
5:00 PM 
Ride TV-14 (Comedy)An assistant to a music video director plays chaperone to a group of future rap stars and starlets during a bus trip from Harlem to Miami.
7:00 PM 
The King of Queens TV-PG (Comedy)A guilty-feeling Carrie and Doug end up reminiscing about the day of their proposal after a high appraisal for her engagement ring leads them to sell it.
7:30 PM 
The Newlywed Game TV-14 (Game Show)Recently married couples are each asked the same questions individually and hope that their answers match when they are reunited onstage.
8:00 PM 
Metro TV-14 (Action)A fast-talking hostage negotiator finds that he has to save his girlfriend and several other innocent people when a psychotic thief threatens to kill them.
10:00 PM 
Family Time TV-14 (Comedy)Tony feels like his family is no longer as close as they used to be, so he forbids any technology in their home so they can have more time together.
10:30 PM 
One Love TV-PG (Family)Mia wants to take the opportunity to prove herself to Carolyn and the ladies of the church by hosting the church tea party because Nate's ex-girlfriend cannot.
11:00 PM 
John Q TV-14 (Drama)A distraught father takes the staff of a hospital emergency room hostage to force the hospital administrators to allow his dying son to have a heart transplant.